The It Gets Better Choral Music Program

To enhance each stage per­for­mance of It Gets Bet­ter and to fur­ther expand the reach of our project mes­sage through­out the com­mu­nity, each pre­sen­ter will iden­tify a local cho­rus (or cho­ruses) suit­able for per­for­mance on stage with the Com­pany artists (sub­ject to approval by the Com­pany). In addi­tion to mid‐week rehearsals with the IGB Music Direc­tor, one tech­ni­cal rehearsal will be held in the per­for­mance space itself.

GMCLA conducting an Alive Music Project session at Glendale High School, CA

GMCLA con­duct­ing an Alive Music Project ses­sion at Glen­dale High School, CA

The selected cho­rus should con­sist of 25‐80 individuals.

Time­line and Week‐in‐Residence Sched­ule for Choral Music Program:

Three months prior to engage­ment:

Local pre­sen­ter pro­poses com­mu­nity choral group(s) to It Gets Bet­ter Music Direc­tor for con­sid­er­a­tion. Sup­ple­men­tal mate­ri­als might include a descrip­tion of cho­rus mem­ber­ship (gen­der, expe­ri­ence level, age range) as well as sam­ple reper­toire of the group, recent per­for­mance venues, and the name and con­tact infor­ma­tion of the group choral direc­tor.
Allow up to one week for review and approval of choral groups for this engagement.

Two months prior to engage­ment:
The It Gets Bet­ter Music Direc­tor sends four pieces of music (.pdf and Finale) for the com­mu­nity choral group to pre­pare in advance of the Company’s arrival. It is expected that per­form­ers will be off book with music and lyrics by the time of the first rehearsal with the Company.

Local pre­sen­ter facil­i­tates sched­ul­ing of rehearsals dur­ing Company’s week in residency.

Week of engage­ment: Sam­ple Schedule

Mon­day: Meet­ing of IGB and local cho­rus music direc­tors
Tues­day: 2‐3 hour rehearsal with com­mu­nity cho­rus under direc­tion of IGB Music Direc­tor
Wednes­day: 2‐3 hour rehearsal with com­mu­nity cho­rus under direc­tion of IGB Music Direc­tor
Thurs­day: 2‐3 hour rehearsal in the venue under the direc­tion of the Com­pany Tech­ni­cal Direc­tor
Fri­day: Evening performance

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