Artist in Residency Programs — using accordion

-The It Gets Bet­ter Project Journey
Com­pany mem­bers will con­duct a mul­ti­me­dia jour­ney through the brief but pow­er­ful his­tory of the It Gets Bet­ter Project, includ­ing a detailed dis­cus­sion of the devel­op­ment of the live stage work, It Gets Bet­ter. Artists will share their per­sonal sto­ries and offer reflec­tions about the mis­sion of It Gets Bet­ter -­‐ includ­ing expe­ri­ences on the road with the pro­duc­tion. Will address some of the con­tro­versy about the It Gets Bet­ter Project and chal­lenge the audi­ence to reflect on the next steps in the jour­ney to cre­ate a safe, sup­port­ive cli­mate for all young peo­ple. (50 min. includ­ing Q&A; max­i­mum par­tic­i­pants: 40)
-The It Gets Bet­ter World Café
World Café is an emerg­ing global facil­i­ta­tion model for com­mu­nity dia­logue uti­liz­ing the approach of appre­cia­tive inquiry. It Gets Bet­ter com­pany mem­bers will facil­i­tate a thought­ful dia­logue among 12-­‐36 par­tic­i­pants to exam­ine the state of LGBT life in the com­mu­nity. Par­tic­i­pants (to be secured by local pre­sen­ters) may include rep­re­sen­ta­tives from local LGBT orga­ni­za­tions and sup­port ser­vices, promi­nent local LGBT indi­vid­u­als, local elected offi­cials, local school admin­is­tra­tors or fac­ulty lead­ers, and – as appro­pri­ate – stu­dents, mem­bers of law enforce­ment, or spir­i­tual lead­ers. This struc­tured, impar­tial facil­i­ta­tion model will advance dia­logue toward mutual agree­ments and mean­ing­ful plans for the future. (120–180 min) Read More »
-The It Gets Bet­ter Choral Music Program
Each com­mu­nity will iden­tify a local choir suit­able for per­for­mance on stage with the com­pany artists (sub­ject to approval by the Com­pany). The local cho­rus will receive advance music and train­ing mate­ri­als and will work for a min­i­mum of three two-­‐hour rehearsals with the cast under the direc­tion of the Com­pany Music Direc­tor dur­ing the week in res­i­dence. One rehearsal will be held in the per­for­mance space in advance of Com­pany load in, to be coor­di­nated by the pre­sen­ter. Selected cho­rus should con­sist of 25-­‐80 individuals.
-School Pro­gram 1: The It Gets Bet­ter Experience
The artists of GMCLA are out­stand­ing in their work with younger indi­vid­u­als. In this ses­sion, artists will per­form selected scenes and songs from It Gets Bet­ter and share per­sonal nar­ra­tives about the harms of bul­ly­ing and ways in which they over­came adver­sity. Stu­dent ques­tions will be answered, and stu­dents will also be invited to com­ment about the pro­gram and its themes. This ses­sion is suit­able for small or large school audi­ences of junior high and high school age (30-­‐300 stu­dents). Large venues may require pro­fes­sional ampli­fi­ca­tion by pre­sen­ter. (25-­‐50 min.) Read More »
-School Pro­gram 2: The It Gets Bet­ter Workshop
An activity-based work­shop in which stu­dents will work closely with com­pany mem­bers on per­for­mance activ­i­ties and in small group dis­cus­sions. Top­ics will include bul­ly­ing, self-image, LGBT issues, and more. Audio and video will be col­lected in these ses­sions to be incor­po­rated into the online and/or live project. NOTE: Parental per­mis­sion slips/releases must be solicited in advance of this work­shop by local faculty.(90 min. work­shop can be mod­i­fied to accom­mo­date school sched­ule; max­i­mum par­tic­i­pants: 20)

Addi­tional  Notes:

  • Local trans­porta­tion must be pro­vided for com­pany mem­bers to and from sessions.
  • Ses­sions sched­uled back-to-back must include a suit­able meal or snack break for all com­pany mem­bers, to be pro­vided by the presenter.
  • Please con­tact the com­pany at least 2–3 weeks in advance of activ­i­ties to make final sched­ul­ing decisions.